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Why Restaurant or Bar Business Owners Need Insurance

If you are a restaurant or bar business owner, then you don’t think that your business is just all about providing food and drink to your customers. However, many restaurant or bar owners fail to realize the many liabilities that these types of businesses are at risk of. Without the proper insurance coverage to protect your business, you could lose everything that you have worked so hard for.

Some restaurant or bar owners cannot imagine for a minute that someone might want to sue their business since they don’t have any experience of anything as yet. But, the examples below are general examples of claims that have actually been filed against restaurants or bar business owners. These scenes can happen in any restaurant or bar so owners should take heed.

We make sure that our restaurants and bars are clean but a customer can slip and fall on your wet floors which can result in injuries. If you don’t have adequate insurance, you are liable to pay thousands of dollars on this type of lawsuit.

You can face a lawsuit if a client claims to have injured his teeth while eating the food you have served in your restaurant.

Careless waiters can cause a scene by spilling water or soda on customers’ things and if it happens to be a laptop and it gets ruined in the process, then you business is in for some legal issues. The customer can file for damages against the restaurant.

Your electric machines can experience a short circuit which can result in things catching fire and have your kitchen on fire for a time. This fire can cost you’re a lot of money.

Your restaurant furniture can also cause injury to customers like when the legs of your stool breaks or gets dislocated, makes your customer fall and injure himself on the head. You can be charged for medical bills which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

Brawling customers in a beer garden can upset many things in the place. If they happen to hit a portable heater and it comes in contact with flammable materials then your small beer garden can catch fire. You will need a lot of money to have your beer garden fixed.

Sometimes bar roofs can get damaged due to bad weather like hail and wind storms. Severe rainfall and flooding can also do damage to your bar floors. This will cost you a lot to repair your roof and you also incur losses for days that your bar is closed for business.

If you don’t want to be paying for all these lawsuits, expenses, and losses, then you need to get your restaurant or bar insurance as soon as possible.
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