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Understanding Bail And How It Works

When you hear the word bail, what comes into your mind? Do you take bail as a magical card that can get you out of jail free?

Even though it can get you out of jail, there are a few more things you need to understand about it. Besides, it doesn’t get you out free, either.

The first DUI offense, for example is likely to attract a bail of $500. View here to find out more What about the case of a DUI that results in vehicular homicide or manslaughter? You might have to pay $100,000 in bail.

So how does bail work? Here is everything you need to know about bail bonds.

What Is Bail?

We will start by defining bail. As we have mentioned above, bail is more than just a way of getting you out of jail.

Depending on the offense you have committed, the judge is likely to set the sum of money you need to pay in order to secure your freedom. The amount gives guarantee that you will avail yourself for the hearing and everything else required. Read more here.

How Do You Pay The Bail

The bail amount can be paid in different ways.

You can pay in check or cash if you have the funds. You could also pay the amount with a property worth the bail amount.

What would happen if you are unable to pay the bail? This is where you need a bail bond. If you want to find out more about bail bond, you can click here.

Who States The Right Bail Amount?

This is a tough question to respond to because different factors are involved.

In general, every jurisdiction sets the right bail amount usually based on the type of the offense committed. Depending on the property damage or level of drug influence, the judge may choose to increase or reduce the bail amount.

Is Everyone Eligible For Bail?

While those accused of DUI cases are eligible for bail, this is not always the case.

Most crimes that could lead to life imprisonment are not eligible for bail.

Anything Else You Need To Know?

Even if you post the bail and go home, you need to understand that you are not free. You’ll be required to fulfill certain conditions.

First, you need to make sure you don’t get arrested before the date of the hearing. You may be instructed to stop taking drugs or alcohol and register for a rehab program.

You may also have to follow the conditions outlined in the restraining order. Discover more information on this website. You may also have to relocate to another state or city.

Bail acts as a guarantee that you will meet all the requirements when you are released from jail.
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